Next stop, SUFFOLK!

Hello, me again! 

Just back from my holiday in Suffolk with Danny (@woolandbadger). Danny took me to Jimmy's farm and I saw lots of animals. My faves were the the Meerkats. They came to say hello to me and I said hello back!! I then had a picture at the hey pigs, guinea pig stand. Lots of people were watching me so I hopped away. I then bumped into this alien guy who told me he was trying to go home. I gave him directions and said goodbye. I went back home for a movie night and I had my own chair (that swings!!!!) and my own bowl of popcorn!!!!


Journal entry


Some highlights! 


Thank you so much for looking after me Danny, I am the luckiest frog in the world! I hope to see you again some time and you could teach me how to crochet? 


See you all soon!

Fin x

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