Hey, I'm Finley!

I'm Finley and you're probably thinking, 'But, WHO is Finley?!'. 

I am the travelling frog and I am ready for lots of adventures all over the UK.
Heres just a little bit about me;
I was created by Lyric (my frog mom) and I am 3 years old. I have a pal called Pippin, I have to be fast when he tries to snap at me though, but mom has assured me its because he loves me (I'm not so sure myself!). I like river walks, icecream and catching butterflies. I am only small but I have a big heart and lots of love to share with everyone.

Our plan at LyricStitches is to cheer people up in such strange times. We aim for me to travel to a new staycation every week/fortnight. 

If you would be interested in giving me a weekend away, then keep an eye on my moms twitter @lyricstitches for travelling frog updates!

Stay safe everyone, I look forward to showing you my diary and updating you on where I have been.

Fin x


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